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100% Money Back Guarantee

Shanghai Rolling threaded piping technology Ltd give you money back guarantee on rolling threads Galvanized and Black pipe nipples. Our Rolling pipe threads are specially design to ensure that the zinc layer remain intact on the thread part of the rolling threads of the pipes, hence no rust on the pipe for the longer period of time. We give our customer money back guarantee if there is any problem in the quality of the product.

24/7 Customer Service

Shanghai Rolling threads technology Ltd respects their customers’ convenience. You can place an order anytime by having a chat with our representatives on our website. We ensure to have our customer service representatives available to serve our customers 24/7.

Rolling Threaded Pipe Nipples & Fittings - Durability That Lasts

Shanghai Rolling threaded pipe nipple Technology Ltd is an innovative manufacturer of different pipe nipples. Our rolling threaded pipe nipples and other threaded pipe nipples come in different sizes including 1/8" pipe nipple, 1", 3" and other pipe nipple sizes by using hi-tech machineries. Our threaded (rolling) pipe making technique is unique and advance, and maintains gas pipe strength, durability and promotes corrosion resistance. By the use of advanced machinery, our galvanized pipe nipples are threaded in such a way that it maintains steel density without losing steel flakes while cutting and are available in different varieties like 1/8", Galvanized Pipe Nipples , 3", 3 8" pipe nipples for every application. Our featured rolling threaded pipe nipples offer easy fitting with long lasting anti-corrosion and anti-rusting coating. You can connect a wide range of pipes and steel fitting with premium threaded pipe nipples by Chithreads. Our pipes provide perfect fittings with brass, aluminum and stainless steel.

Find All Sizes & Dimensions of Stainless Rolling Threaded Nipples

Our range of rolled threaded pipe nipples are made with threaded nipples technology by rolling the threads of the nipples without using blades and conventional cutting method. This increases durability and density of different plumbing items including steel pipe, pvc pipe, and galvanized pipes. The advance pipe rolling technology we offer maintains superior quality at a low cost. With the help of rolling thread technology we integrate highest levels of corrosion resistance, improve the quality and density of the thread tooth and enhance surface roughness. With tremendous zinc coating we ensure longer life of the steel nipples and steel pipe fittings, reduction of wear of rolling thread and enhancement of strength and durability. Our range of rolling threaded pipe nipples are a perfect choice for industries as well as for home use where closed pipe nipples and gas pipe nipples are commonly used.

Corrosion Resistance Up to 40 Times Better Than Cut-Threads.

Our variants of galvanized, and black pipe rolling nipples are both made with the help of heavy duty steel presses under a certain temperature that helps in creating different pipe nipples sizes of various dimensions without needing to cut the steel with the use of heat generated lath pressing threads. Our rolling thread pipe nipples offer increased bending, and their tensile strength makes them perform very well against earthquakes. We guarantee precision and improved surface roughness on threads by our modern machineries that ensure that the pipe will get 100% perfect thread profiling with great synchronization of male and female threads. Each of our threaded pipe nipples comes in customized sizes, thread styles and types to perfectly meet your needs. We pride ourselves as one of the premium manufacturers of high quality pipe products that are committed to deliver customer satisfaction at all ends.

What Make Rolling Pipe Threads different from cutting Pipe threads

Shanghai Rolling threads technology distinguishes its manufacturing processes by the integration of top class heavy duty lathe presses that generate heat to create galvanized and black pipe rolling threads and close pipe nipples. Unlike other manufacturers, our process does not include cutting of pipe via hacksaw or other manual tools that weaken pipes. Our process ensures that the thread remains to its maximum strength and durability. To maintain a health eco-friendly environment our production process promotes safe and innovative pipe threading technology. Our steel threaded pipe nipples are used in a wide range of plumbing needs including fire protection, mining and for oil and gas flow. Our comprehensive range of products include 1/8", 1";, 3", 3/8" sizes, and threaded piping nipples, coupling, steel fittings and many more.


Shanghai Rolling threads technology is an amazing innovation

Michale John (CEO & Founder)

Once i have installed 1/8” pipe nipple by shanghai rolling threads technology I’ve been amazed by its performance. There has been an considerable increase in the over all pressure and the consistency of the flow. i recommend all my family, relative and friends to use this incredible threading technology to experience durable piping solution

The Threading Strength is Phenomenal

Steven kennady

The advance lathe press cutting technology is incredibly efficient. it helps the pipe to maintain its strength that loses with ordinary hacksaw cutting in the form of metal shavings. i have been using this threaded rolling pipe nipples technology and have been experiencing amazing flow of gas throughout my home.

Our Company Values


Providing our clients with quality products is our priority. The thread rust resistance has greatly increased with threaded pipe nipple technology introduced exclusively from us in 90s. Original zinc coatings are not “cut away” as with lathe cut nipples. Rolled (compressed-formed) thread increases the density of the thread tooth. Original zinc coatings remain intact with higher density of Rolled Thread Nipples. This increases its life, strength and durability, making it a high quality product.


The company’s mission & vision is not only to earn profit. Rather the company is determined in manufacturing whatever it is that customers expect, therefore Shanghai Rolling Pipe threads Tech Ltd takes all the measures that are required to keep up with its vision. Be it a highly excellent and skilled team, best quality raw material, or durability, we are committed to producing the best plumbing products.


The immediate success that Shanghai Rolling Pipe threads Tech Ltd. was able to achieve in less than 20 years’ time was a result of being motivated and devoting time and resources to come up with all types of roll threaded steel and black pipe nipples and other stainless steel plumbing supplies. These were the products that earned Shanghai Rolling Pipe threads Tech Ltd world recognition as a leading Rolling Pipe threads manufacturing company.