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Shanghai Rolling threads tech Ltd is focused in bringing innovative Piping solutions of clients and for we are continuously working on piping technology. In year 2016 Shanghai Rolling threads tech Ltd introduce Rolling Pipe threads in for Galvanized and Black Pipe Nipples. We are prime producer and exporter of rolling threads pipe nipples for Industrial and mechanical piping essentials.

The company has pioneered in the manufacturing of high-quality NPT and BSP threads with CNC Rolling Pipe threading machines that are highly reliable for industrial oil and gas, mechanical and industrial piping industry. We are also expanding our distribution network in USA and Europe as rolling thread technology is heavily demanded in these regions. We started†our journey in 1998, with Shanghai Pan China Fastening system Co. Shanghai Rolling threads is sister company of PCFSC and rolling thread technology is one of our biggest achievements.

This technology is innovative and providing the best solution to industrial and mechanical piping contractors.

In Rolling Pipe threading machines servo motor is use which is more precise. It can produce at least 25,000 Pipe Nipples using single set of dies with perfect threading in 1st time. P-THREADER(Rolling Pipe threading Machine) is† †perfectly thread the pipe in 1st time if size perfection is within standard tolerance. After you are done with the setting of NPT thread for the 1st time your NPT threads will remain perfect same till end no matter how much production you have done.

Secondly you can easily adjust the O.D. & length of the threads. Now you donít need to waste your time in cutting pipe again and again for perfect results P-THREADER rolls the Pipe perfectly in 1st time.

P-THREADER is very easy to use with a perfect thread every time you use. Using P-THREADER every time you will do the job its 100% perfect without any tools adjustments. P-THREADER is fully automatic(optional) and thread is already fix and adjusted before they leave to you, but you can also adjust the thread as per your requirements and needs very easily. 1 die of P-THREADER can produce upto 25,000 Pipe Nipples †and more and the manufacturing can be done up to 25,000 Pipe Nipples without any wear out of Die. We believe in producing the highest quality with efficiency. P-THREADER ensure that they is no waste of Pipe tube, No waste of oil as very less oil is use and no waste of steel, even you can save a lot of tube thickness. †Every time P-THREADER will make the thread it will be as perfect as the 1st time.

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