Galvanized Pipe Nipples

Galvanized Pipe Nipples & Steel Pipe Fittings in Best Price

Shanghai Rolling threads Tech Ltd is China’s largest manufacturers and suppliers of galvanized pipe nipples fittings and galvanized steel pipe fittings. We are here to help you get the premium galvanized steel fittings and galvanized close pipe nipples in all sizes at the best price. Our galvanized pipes fittings are steel pipes made with premium quality steel that is coated with a protective zinc coating through advance machinery.

This galvanized coating helps pipe nipples to prevent corrosion and promote easy connectivity with female threads for all gas piping solutions. Galvanized fittings are best for homes, offices and heavy-industries due to its impressive anti-rust and anti-leakage properties. Our advance technology enables these galvanized steel pipe nipples to be used for applications such as water supply lines, gas piping and closed piping.

Our main focus is to keep the pipe strength intact and promote corrosion resistance that makes it 40 times corrosion protective than ordinary pipe nipples.

In China we are the only innovators that came up with this incredible rolling technology that has been praised by a huge number of our customers all around the world.

At Shanghai Rolling threads Tech Ltd we are committed to provide the best plumbing and gas pipe nipples solution that solves leakage and rusting issues from the root. You can buy our galvanized steel pipe fittings in all sizes including 1 inch, 1/8 inch and 3 inch and lengths to get you the best results for all of your plumbing needs.

Our rolling thread technology enables galvanized threads to more rust resistance with improved tooth density.

The major draw-back of the ordinary galvanized fittings is the loss of galvanized coating while making thread.

While our rolling thread pipe technology dont use blades to make threads rather than it applies pressure to the pipe nipples from three direction that makes the thread without compromising strength and galvanized coating.

Custom Malleable Galvanized Pipe Fittings for Natural Gas

Our range of galvanized pipe nipples and fittings is made with advanced rolled thread technology that maintains strength to the steel pipes and promotes bending and tensile strength making it a very durable option for the piping solution.

Our production process comprises of the most advanced servo motor which is capable of generating at least some 25,000 rolling threads over galvanized steel pipes, black pipe nipples and fittings. You will find significant advantages of rolled threaded galvanized pipe some of them are:

1. Prevention against Leakage
2. Minimize Rust to Increase Durability
3. resistance against Wear & Tear
4. Eco-Friendly
5. Cost-Effective Piping Solution
6. Increased Tensile Strength

High Rust Resistance with Custom Cuts In All Dimensions & Sizes

Shanghai Rolling Pipe threads Tech Ltd is a proud manufacturers of galvanized pipe nipples and steel pipe fittings. Our credentials are proven with ISO 90001 certification.

We follow strict international standard quality control. Therefore, our quality control department plays a vital role in our productions. With our galvanized steel pipe fittings we make a perfect pipe profiling in threads.

With our optimum designing, our pipes can be easily fitted with female fixtures and can also be removed out easily. The advance construction of rolling galvanized pipe nipples and fixtures promotes strong bond and connectivity maintaining high quality, secure fastening, and prevention of leakage and corrosion.

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