Pipe Threading Machine

Order High Performance Steel Pipe Threading Machine from Leading Manufacturers of China

Shanghai Rolling Thread Tech, Ltd. proudly offers one of the most heavy-duty, ultra-performance and cost-effective. Shanghai Rolling threads, pipe threading machine brings perfection to every pipe thread for perfect joining, connectivity and formation.

As one of the largest threading machine manufacturers in China our steel pipe threading machine is equipped with advanced servo motors with automatic thread length adjustment and control offered at affordable prices.

This all new advanced feature promote smoothness of the thread on both ends and is capable of producing both tapered and straight thread. Our steel pipe threading machine is capable of manufacturing 25,000 steel pipe nipples using a single set.

Full Automatic with High Efficiency Equipped With 100% Genuine Parts

Shanghai Rolling Thread Tech, Ltd. Is the only stainless steel pipe threading machine manufacturers that integrates die head rotating in both direction. In China, our pipe threading machines are made with superior engineering to ensure durability, high-performance beyond comparison.

Each component of the pipe threader is engineered to work exceptional in most extreme environment. Our quality is the reason that all the major plumbing brands only trust Shanghai Rolling threads pipe threading machine than other threader brands.

To ensure best and pipe threading safe work procedure all the components equipped in the machine is made up of 100% genuine materials to prevent wear and tear, corrosion and other malfunctioning. Shanghai rolling thread helps you to get your job done with precision, accuracy and SAFETY.

Ideal Features for Longer Uninterrupted Steel Pipe Threading

Shanghai Rolling Thread Tech, Ltd. is one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers of steel threading machine that works as industry workhorse while manufacturing threaded pipe nipples with extra precision.

Our threading machines comes with a chip tray and large oil reservoir that allows it to work uninterruptedly for many hours with consistent precision.

Stainless steel Pipe threader machine comes with large clearance bearing that promotes consistency in the tooth profile and a tool tray to keep necessary tools and other equipment.

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