1″ Pipe Nipple

Find the most affordable 1″ pipe nipples in galvanized and black variants for strong, rust-proof and durable gas piping and fitting from Shanghai Rolling thread tech ltd. The 1″ inch size is specifically designed with precise tooth threading and profiling to help easily replace or connect. We guarantee that our steel fittings allows you to overcome all your piping troubles whether its leakage, corrosion, bursting or loose connectivity. Being a top manufacturers of 1 pipe nipples you can find these in galvanized or black coating to help to use it for all type of applications.

You can use our 1″ pipe nipples for a numerous connectivity options such as brass, aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized and plastic piping and fitting. We take strict quality control measures that assure perfection of the size, thread profiling, finishing and coating with unmatchable nipple strength. With years of experience we provide complete piping solutions for all type of applications including industrial, mechanical, oil, gas etc.

Our featured pipe have male NPT threads that ensure convenient and strong fittings with female fittings. To maintain highest quality standards and safety all of our products goes through strict quality testing and controlling that ensure maximum performance and strength. The pipe threads are made through advance rolling machine that exerts heavy pressure on the pipe with a dye that creates threads unlike the cutting technology, this type of threading promotes durability of the threads that lasts long.


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Dimensions 1″ x 6″ inches with male NPT threads
Manufacturer Shanghai Rolling Threads Tech Ltd
Threading Technique Rolling threads
Coating Galvanized Coating
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