Plumbing Close Pipe Nipple & Fittings in All Dimensions

Get the best quality close pipe nipples in all dimension and sizes from Shanghai Rolling Threads at exclusive discounts. We also offers free samples our plumbing fittings so that you could experience the difference without paying at first. In China, We are one of the largest close pipe nipple manufacturers that offers pipe fittings and couplings which are coated with black or galvanized coatings perfect for all plumbing solutions. Our close nipple pipes are designed seamless that allows extra long-lasting protection against leakages and corrosion. The special designed construction of these pipes makes them perfect to use for very high-pressure applications as compared to ordinary pipes. The precise thread profiling makes them ideal to use for high pressure air, water, oil and gas.

Close pipe nipples are used for strong close connection between female threads and steel fittings. It allows stress-free connection with all type of pipe fittings. The galvanized and black pipe coating of these pipe prevents corrosion and rust making it a perfect choice to use as a plumbing nipples. The design and diameter of close pipe makes them an ideal choice to use with sensitive applications such as gas fittings.

At Shanghai Rolling thread technology we use top-quality raw material and stainless steel that assures high performance of our close gas pipe nipple even under extreme climatic conditions. Our featured close pipes can be used for connecting, terminating, controlling flow, and changing the direction of piping flow. The NPT rolling threads allows creation of much tighter and stronger seals than ordinary threads. The design and strength of close pipe nipples meets international strict strength, safety and durability standards. Being your proud partner we provide with the best recommendation on choosing from our range of pipes and steel fittings that successfully meet your specific needs.

Shanghai Rolling threads Tech ltd is a manufacture of Rolling Threads Galvanized Close Pipe Nipple with 1/2″ NPT Male Rolling Threads.

  • Rolling threads Pipe Nipple for joining two pipes or extending pipe length
  • Male National Pipe Taper (NPT) Rolling threads on both ends for connecting female threaded pipes and fittings
  • Made from steel for greater rust resistance than iron
  • NPT Rolling threads for creating tighter seals than straight threads and perfect profile.
  • Meets specifications ASTM A53 and ASME B 1.20.1 for quality assurance


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Dimensions 1/2 inches with male NPT threads
Manufacturer Shanghai Rolling Threads Tech Ltd
Threading Technique Rolling threads
Coating Galvanized Coating
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